We bring simplicity to the complex world of business-systems transformation, so you can succeed, eliminate anxiety, and get on with business.

NeoViz ‘Extreme Analysis’ – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

‘Extreme Analysis’ is our approach to help you discover opportunities and eliminate problems, achieve more, sooner, with greater confidence, so you can get on with business, and sleep soundly at night.

The Extreme Analysis Modules

David will meet with you to determine your most pressing needs, and will recommend one or more of the following modules to get you, your business and projects where you want them to be.

  • Discovery

    Uncover the hidden opportunities in your business
    Process: Explore → Uncover → Document Opportunities → Report Back

  • Optimisation

    Simplify and streamline processes to reduce costs, improve returns and improve morale
    Process: Plan → Prioritise → Execute → Evaluate

  • Turnaround

    Rapidly identify root causes of issues in ailing projects to get them back on track

    Process: Investigate → Assess → Prioritise → Execute → Evaluate

  • Training and Coaching

    We can train and coach you and your teams to apply the same processes in your own organisation

    Process: Assess Needs → Develop Approach → Plan → Customise → Deliver → Evaluate

Why David Nimmo and NeoViz?

  • Trust and Transparency: No bull – we’ll tell you how we see it.
  • Reliability: We are results and outcomes focussed – if you’re not totally satisfied with the value we provide and the outcomes you achieve, we’ll refund our fees.
  • Shared Values: We share your belief that things can and should be better, simpler, smarter and more efficient – and more enjoyable! We are people who value people, and the environment, and other important stuff.
  • Competency: We have 20+ years experience in business and technology.

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Problem solvers
People focused
Results oriented

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