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The Teacher Must Always Remain a Learner

Learner TeacherOne of the big things I took away from the coaching event I ran last weekend in Palm Cove (“Achieve – Coaching in Paradise”), is a reminder that there are countless insights and life-lessons to be gained from others. Even when we ourselves are in the position of coach, trainer or teacher, we need to keep the mindset of a learner.

From Kara and Deb – who attended the weekend – I gained:

  • New encouragement in the value of my message and my method. These are things that not everyone knows (you don’t learn this stuff in school). What I teach and the experience I bring can be of enormous benefit, even when conveyed in a period as brief as a weekend. I love helping people to achieve their goals and dreams in life – if I can spend the rest of my life doing more of this, I’ll be very happy.
  • Motivation to consider re-attempting to get my children’s book out there. I originally wrote this book in 2005, based loosely on the imagined adventures of my three daughters. I wasn’t originally as persistent as JK Rowling – I think I filed the manuscript away after at most half a dozen publisher knock-backs. (This came up when Deb was commenting generously and favourably on how helpful and readable she found my book “Chaos to Success”). If I’m encouraging others to pursue their dreams, maybe it’s time I reinvigorated a few of my own.
  • An appreciation that all individuals and families have their struggles, but also, through supporting one another, we can all get closer to our dreams and purpose and to the lives we really want.

I went to Palm Cove to coach and encourage, and in hindsight, unsurprisingly, I was greatly encouraged in so many ways. I went to teach and coach, but found myself as the learner all over again.

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  1. Deb coughlan
    Deb coughlan says:

    For all that have may have viewed Davids blog.
    I am the Deb that won the competition for my daughter Kara and in turn was involved myself in the winning prize of one on one mentoring with David.

    David Nimmo is incredible with his down to earth approach to business solutions, totally professional, however his delivery is key, but that’s his secret till you see it personally.

    My life, both personally and in business as well as Karas has been transformed.

    For anybody that genuinely cares about their future you need to consider contacting David, simple straight forward measures could change your life

    • David Nimmo
      David Nimmo says:

      Thanks Deb – I continue to be hugely encouraged by how much the experience has helped you and Kara. I am working as we speak on various ways to take my coaching to a wider audience… stay tuned ;-). David


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