Project Management Consulting

The founder of NeoViz, David Nimmo, is a PMI certified Project Manager (PMP), and was a methodology exponent within IBM. Let us review your project performance and methodology. We’ll provide you with feedback on strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement. If you require, we can work with you to implement those recommendations, and if required will conduct weekly or monthly reviews for the duration of your project to provide you with objective insights and help to keep you performing at your peak.

Project Turnaround Assistance

When you are in a crisis situation, sometimes an objective perspective and some new insights can be exactly what you need. We will work to rapidly determine problems and their root causes, and provide recommendations on how to proceed. If you support our recommendations, we can continue to work with you to rapidly turn your project around, and get it back on track. If for any reason our assessment indicates we cannot effectively assist you, we will let you know immediately.