Coaching in Paradise – What a Great Weekend!


I’ve just returned from a long weekend away in beautiful sunny Palm Cove (just outside of Cairns, in North Queensland, Australia), where I was running the pilot for my new “Achieve” coaching program with the winners of my most recent giveaway.

You might recall that this giveaway was originally meant to be for attendance at a Reese Witherspoon event in Sydney, which unfortunately did not go ahead as planned.

Like many things in life, it turns out there was a very bright silver lining, in that I was motivated to see this through, and deliver a high value weekend for my two lovely winners – Deb and Kara. I worked hard to pull together a great value two day coaching package, which Deb and Kara assure me they really enjoyed and benefitted from. I kid you not – they told me the weekend was life changing! I was blown away by that!

We worked through goal identification and setting, some personality type exercises to better understand ourselves and others. We worked through the various aspects of effecting personal and external change, and looked at my own Vision, View, Value, Voice, Vehicle model. We spent most of the second day reviewing time management principles, skills and tools, to develop the skills to convert goals into plans, and into measurable achievements.

All of this was done in a beautiful tropical setting, with plenty of time to rest, relax and ponder life, and enjoy good company and food together.

My plan is to build on this pilot weekend with a fully-fledged “Achieve – Coaching in Paradise” weekend in Q3 2017. Places will be strictly limited to keep the vibe relaxed and intimate – so keep an eye out for enrolment details in the next few months – I’ll be sure to make an announcement here once enrolment is available. And I’ll be sharing more of the feedback from Kara and Deb so you can hear more about the weekend and why you should definitely enrol, if you are a professional person who wants to identify and clearly define your own dreams and goals, and learn the skills to make them happen, despite the daily pressures that currently take all of your energy.

If you want to get in early, please feel free to send me an email (to so I can add you to a waiting list to let you know when enrolment is available… you won’t regret it!

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