NeoViz Consulting Services

Since 1997, David Nimmo has been assisting organisations to improve productivity and performance, particularly through connecting the worlds of business and technology. David has worked with large public and private sector organisations, and founded NeoViz to bring his own vision of premium business and technology consulting to the Australian market.

The NeoViz approach is to work with you as a partner, to understand your concerns and challenges, and to apply our expertise to help you aim higher, move faster, become more agile, and achieve outcomes beyond what you previously imagined were possible.

Our Vision

Make business – and the world – better, smarter, fairer, & more sustainable.

Our Values

  • Client Outcomes – We succeed when our clients succeed. Our clients succeed when we have a measurable impact on their business. We are not bench warmers – we are innovative instigators of change.
  • Diversity in business – Men and women from diverse backgrounds sharing equally in innovation, reward and leadership.
  • Sustainability – We are in business and on this planet for the long term. Infinite growth is not a rational goal on a finite planet. We have to find new measures of success and new and innovative ways to do business.
  • Opportunity – Work, both present and future, should be fun, rewarding and provide individuals to grow into the fullness of their potential.
  • Peace – Opportunity, Sustainability, Diversity and Client Outcomes are best achieved in an environment where conflict is resolved or eliminated, and understanding, forgiveness, peace and harmony are achieved. This is a lofty goal, but one worth striving for if the other values are to be realised.

Our Approach

We implement lean and agile principles, in our own work and in your organisation. Using iterative and incremental approaches, we ensure you realise real value from us early and often, while minimising the risks normally associated with change, technology and transformation initiatives.

What We Do

Following are a few examples from clients David has worked with, both with NeoViz and previously:

A major Federal Government program of business and technology change.

David worked with the Department to define project opportunities, scope, overcome blockers to progress, implement project methodology, and enabled the delivery of technology change.

“David is a very skilled and pragmatic business consultant. He is an intuitive and excellent communicator capable of operating at many different layers in an organisation. He establishes professional relationships based on offering clear and honest advice and has a wide range of experience to draw on. His contribution is always thoughtful, prompt and appropriate and he was a pleasure to work with. I happily recommend David.

Hannah Baudert – DHS Account Director at SAP Worked with David at Curam Software – an IBM Company

Worked within IBM, with the Global IT Specialist Profession Leader, to develop a program of professional training.

This training was used to educate aspiring technology leaders to advance their professional development. David also led a community of over 400 business analysts and consultants in a professional development community in Australia and New Zealand

“David’s unique perspective as a business strategist is the ability to translate vision into reality. He does this through his years of experience in both IT and business which enable him to develop simple elegant solutions that address critical business issues and enable business vision.”

Sheila Thorne – Business Architect at IBM – Previously Global IT Specialist Profession Leader

Project Management, Methodology and Enterprise Architecture advice and implementation for a State Government business unit

David worked with leadership in this State Government business unit from inception of the program of work, through establishment of the program team, specification of requirements, RFP and vendor selection, through to design and (ongoing) implementation.

David successfully implemented agile methodology (Scrum) within the business unit’s IT team to achieve better business control of that function, greater effectiveness and better outcomes for the business.

David is currently implementing an Enterprise Architecture approach within the business unit, to assist the business effectively manage and align all aspects of a large transformation program of work including significant technology change.

David Nimmo

David Nimmo

The founder

David Nimmo has over 20 years’ IT and business consulting experience, around two-thirds of that being with IBM, where he led a community of over 400 Business Analysts in career and skill development. David was internationally recognised by IBM in April 2007 at the annual IBM Leadership conference in Aneheim, California, where he was presented with the IBM Excellence award for professional excellence and contribution. He has spoken to audiences at conferences in Australia and the US on topics including high performance leadership, agile and innovative project success methodologies.

David has provided leadership for multi-million dollar projects, in public and private sector organisations, and always brings a pragmatic and breakthrough perspective to projects, helping both business and IT teams to work together towards the real end-game – business outcomes – so you achieve better results sooner.